A quick word about the A3 patreon and supporting the comic.

First, a sneak peek from the coming chapter.

Now, for the relevant topic. A special thanks to you who support or have supported Astray3 in the past. It means a lot and keeps the work grinding ever onward. I have been contemplating ways of rewarding contributors without gating off any pertinent story content. Which is tricky given the myriad of ways readers can make donations.

The principle way to contribute is via the comic’s Patreon page. ( https://www.patreon.com/astray3 ) Which is great, Patreon has a variety of tools to help manage bonus content. Buuuuttt…given some recent events, readers may have some misgivings about the service. So, it’s understandable if potential patrons are hesitant to use it.

Another way to contribute is via the paypal button that appears with comic posts. You can make a one time or recurring contribution using that service. Just look for this button…

Sadly, I haven’t really investigated this option and have no clue how to deliver exclusive content with it. It is an easy way to contribute if you already have a paypal account though.

With that in mind, there are going to be a few changes to the Patreon coming up. The comic and the new Tangent side series of works will be free for public view. Nothing is going to change with the primary story content. However, Patreon patrons will start getting exclusive updates of background/developmental material. Weekly sneak peeks, like the above image, along with supplementary work like character designs with some creator insight thrown in.  The Patreon only charges for comic updates. Which makes now a fantastic introduction period! Astray3 won’t be posting comics till March. Meaning that you can enjoy the bonus content for free until the comic starts posting again in March. ( I’ll make an announcement about the official return date beforehand. )

I’m still trying to think of a way to reward non-patreon contributors. Please comment below if you have an idea.

And that is all for now.

Thanks everybody,




“ And there she goes. “

Xaun kicked the air like an anxious child. Her eyes still focussed on where the prismatic swirl had winked out of existence. With a mischievous smirk she spoke obliquely to her companion.

“ What shall we do with ourselves now, Cyrus? “

The seemingly older man instinctively knew the real turmoil boiling under Xaun’s carefree demeanor. The real fear she was obviously trying to hide. After all, Cyrus was fighting down the same rising anxiety.

“ Let’s not dwell on that. Why don’t we make the most of the time we have left? “

She made an exaggerated show of mock relief. Cyrus might not be able to assuage Xaun’s dread, but he could distract her for awhile. Maybe long enough that they wouldn’t notice it when it happened.

“ No, how about we make the least of it. I can never process the time difference between here and there. It’d be a shame to get involved with anything we can’t finish.“

Xaun languidly turned to regard him. Her lavender eyes searching his face. Was she looking for

a sign of his own despair? Cyrus met her attitude in kind. Casually leaning on the record shop’s sign, he presented a wry smile.

“ Well then, I understand this area was underwater about 65 million years ago. Should be a beach around here somewhere. “

Inktober 2017 first week retrospective.

The first week of inktober 2017 is in the can and it’s been illuminating. ( You can see the entire week’s run on the Astray3 Facebook Page. )  It really has forced me to re-evaluate how I approach finished art. But plainly, I feel it has been for the best. The week started out rough admittedly. I clearly hadn’t touched the ole brushes, nibs and inks in awhile. Luckily, I seem to be getting back up to speed pretty quick. You can expect a shift in the way the new comic looks after the first two month run. ( That is when the current buffer runs out. ) Now, to start working on a new system for coloring….

Oh, long time readers may notice that the above image is roughly based on the old Astray3 Upper Fuungahi run. Also, it may just be a glimpse of things to come….

Welcome to the new astray3!

And here we are, the beginning of a brand new Astray3. The comic will be updating on Monday and Thursday for the first two months. Will probably change to once a week after that.

Also, if you would like to help Astray3 grow, check out the Patreon page.


Also, I’m participating in #inktober2017. Check out the Facebook page and my twitter feed for daily updates.