Large posters are now available! ( And some other stuff. )

Hello everyone,

24″ x 30″ posters are now available on the Astray3 store! You can choose from the lovely Big Iron Brawlers art or the stern visage of the Kerensky Said No poster.
Get them here!

Also, for those with less wall space, the Big Iron Brawlers art is available in an 8.5″ x 11″ print.

And some sold-out items have returned!

And check out that Canopus Cathouse mug! You can get them at the Teepublic shop!

Tex Talks Battletech episode 14 is here!

Hello all,

The new episode of Tex Talks Battletech is upon us! This time we have an extensive discussion on arms production efficacy and the venerable Warhammer. It’s a doozy of an episode!

Watch it here:

Warhammer packs are in development. There are still a few things to wrap up and items to order. You’ll see it, along with a bevy of new items, post on the webshop within the next several. Keep an eye on the blog for when they’re ready.
Shop link here:

Plenty of art to come!


Dream Pod 9 gets technical with the Druid golem.

Hello all,

Dream Pod 9 released the 3D model for the Druid golem today. This is New Eden’s technical golem. It can bash stuff with that big claw or repair its allies with an extensive array of tools.

Check out the original article here!

I don’t know which reveal is next. We’ll find out together.

All the best,


DP9 shows off the Warlock Gold 3d model.

Hello all,

Dream Pod 9 has released the 3D model teaser for the Warlock electronic warfare golem. Honestly, I wasn’t sold on the dish head during the development. But, admittedly, I like it now. It really pulls off the Buddhist monk look; espeically with that silly staff.

You can read the original article here.

I think the Druid golem will be the next reveal. We will see.

All the best,