Another “Bad” mech article! The Hornet!

It looks like a soybean cosplaying as The Rocketeer

Once again I had the honor of creating an illustration for a new “bad” mech article on This time it’s the mediocre ovoid known as the Hornet light mech. Dr. Robotnik was Sean’s idea and I couldn’t pass up the chance to draw a classic Sonic villain.

Read the article here:


New NEW Eden teasers!

Hello fellows,

Dream Pod 9 had posted new teasers for the upcoming New Eden line.

Leading with the new Warlock electronic warfare golem. The radar dish head is inspired by the XD-03 from the Dragonar anime. Along with that, we have the new technical golem, the Druid. The druid has a handy claw for recovering OR wrecking gears.

Check out the original post on the Dream Pod 9 Facebook page.

Still some big reveals to come! Stay tuned!


I hear it’s one hot ride!

One well-done Mechwarrior coming right up!

Hello all,

Sarna has posted a new “Bad” mech article! This time they’ve spotlighted a rather controversial choice for the topic, THE NOVA! This is the mech for the clanner who wants ALL the ER medium lasers. But, as they say, ” You want all the laser, you have to take all the heat. “

You can read the original article here.

I wonder what mech will next make the naughty list?


Battletech Empire Alone Sourcebook cover revealed!

Bringing the fisticuffs back to the bots.

Hello folks,

This is a quick update to let y’all know that Catalyst Game Labs has revealed the cover for the upcoming Battletech Empie Alone sourcebook. I’ve already shown this one off in full, but this is the first time with the wording in place.

You can check out the original article HERE!

And, yes, this one will get the print treatment in the near future.

Lots more art is incoming!


DP9 reveals the Doppel and Animus!

These hooves are made for stomping!

Hello everyone,

Dream Pod 9 has released the previews for the Doppel and Animus golems!

You can check out the original post on DP9’s FB page.

The Animus was an instant success with DP9. It’s easy to see why. It’s probably one of the best of the entire line.

And here’s the Doppel.

I’ll be back with more as the new models are revealed!

Take care out there,


Heavy Gear NEW New Eden mini preview!

Look at that beefy little boi flex.

Hello all,

Dream Pod 9 has started previewing the upcoming line of New Eden miniatures. Today they revealed the Centaur hover type Golem along with its variants. The Griffin was unveiled a few weeks ago, but we got to see all its accessories today.

You can check out the original post here: Dream Pod 9 Facebook page.

There will be a slate of reveals over the next couple of months. Lots of cool stuff to come.



Battletech Tamar Rising is out now!

That elemental is a bit of a coward.

Greetings Y’all,

CGL’s new Tamar Rising book is available now on DriveThruRPG. You can get a copy here:

This is my lone contribution to the book. But, I’m pretty proud of this one. The GDL is back in style and serving up some asymmetrical warfare to the clans.

Also, speaking of the Grey Death Legion, 1N51 over at Camo Specs Online sent me this awesome Marauder; painted up like Grayson Carlyle’s.

Make sure to check out Camo Specs Online for all your Battletech camo reference needs:

And if you are Twitter inclined, follow 1N51 for more BT goodness.

That’s some old Warhammer terrain of mine.