What if you learned that your story was already told? What if someone described the end of your life to you? What if your fate was a dreadful one? What if there was the possibility of escape? What if that liberation required a great sacrifice?

Would you let go of everything that you are to survive? Or, cling more tightly to the things you hold dear?

That is the choice Emily B. Hargrove will have to confront in the exciting new comic Astray3. Join Emily as she is ripped from her reality and thrust into a brutal world of wondrous adventure. Will she escape the savage zealots of the Muradin? Can she match the muscle and might of the matriarchal Numagruns? Will she befriend the opportunistic, one-eyed Ocellog? Can she master the wily wheel bird? Will she solve the mystery of the stricken metropolis of Fuungahi? Can she unravel the enigmatic schemes of the Osraliers? And at the center of everything, will she learn the terrible secret of Astray3?

Astray3 is a weekly adventure webcomic created by Eldon Cowgur. Check out new updates on Monday and occasionally Thursdays.

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