Some predictable questions.

Q: HEY! What happened to the old Astray3? Is this a continuation or reboot?

A: This is indeed a reboot. The story is roughly similar, but involves new twists and events. Plus, the  artwork is vastly improved. ( If I do say so myself. )

Q: Can I still read the old version of Astray3?

A: Yes! Unfortunately, I had to delete the old site due to negligence and malware intrusions. Fortunately, super fan Nestor set up a mirror of the old comic site at http://komikksu.com/astray3mir…/www.a3classic.com/index.html

Q: How do updates and chapters work?

A: Each chapter of Astray3 will run for an uninterrupted period of several months. Comics will be posted at least once ( or in the beginning twice ) a week. Inbetween chapters there will be a break of a couple of months while I recoup and rebuild the posting buffer. Astray3 is a lot of work to keep rolling and only runs smoothly if life allows. Needless to say, life is rough and usually intrudes on critical work time. So, I’ve allowed for chapter breaks to help maintain my sanity and to grease the release wheels. But….

Q: Is there anything I can do to support Astray3?

A: Yes! Astray3 has a Patreon page. Contributions help mitigate web hosting costs and pay for comic  production. I can’t promise many extras here at the beginning of this humble endeavor, but any  support will be greatly appreciated.

Astray3 takes a lot of time and resources; which leaves little time to produce extra content. Success  on Patreon will allow me to shift some of the ancillary burdens and mundane tasks. ( Like  redesigning this website.  Yeesh! ) In turn, this will allow me to create more content for you, the  reader, and Patreon contributors. So, please consider chipping in.


Q: HEY! Will there actually be a print version of the comic this time around?

A: Yes.