Dream Pod 9 gets technical with the Druid golem.

Hello all,

Dream Pod 9 released the 3D model for the Druid golem today. This is New Eden’s technical golem. It can bash stuff with that big claw or repair its allies with an extensive array of tools.

Check out the original article here! https://www.dp9.com/2022/04/19/druid-golem-3d-model-preview/

I don’t know which reveal is next. We’ll find out together.

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DP9 shows off the Warlock Gold 3d model.

Hello all,

Dream Pod 9 has released the 3D model teaser for the Warlock electronic warfare golem. Honestly, I wasn’t sold on the dish head during the development. But, admittedly, I like it now. It really pulls off the Buddhist monk look; espeically with that silly staff.

You can read the original article here.

I think the Druid golem will be the next reveal. We will see.

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DP9 previews: The Saker and Serpentina.

Hello folks,

DP9 has revealed more New Eden designs. This time we have a pair of hover vehicles. The support-orientated Saker and the medium hover tank the Serpentina.

Boy, these really exposed some issues I have with proper perspective. After these two designs, I had to go back to the drawing board with how I approach vehicle drawings.

A quick shout out to a book that’s helping me sort things out.

Framed Perspective Vol. 1

We got two more vehicles to go!

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New NEW Eden teasers!

Hello fellows,

Dream Pod 9 had posted new teasers for the upcoming New Eden line.

Leading with the new Warlock electronic warfare golem. The radar dish head is inspired by the XD-03 from the Dragonar anime. Along with that, we have the new technical golem, the Druid. The druid has a handy claw for recovering OR wrecking gears.

Check out the original post on the Dream Pod 9 Facebook page.

Still some big reveals to come! Stay tuned!


DP9 reveals the Doppel and Animus!

These hooves are made for stomping!

Hello everyone,

Dream Pod 9 has released the previews for the Doppel and Animus golems!

You can check out the original post on DP9’s FB page.

The Animus was an instant success with DP9. It’s easy to see why. It’s probably one of the best of the entire line.

And here’s the Doppel.

I’ll be back with more as the new models are revealed!

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