The Concordat Triumphant!

Hello all,

Here is the final Concordat scene from Tex Talks Battletech episode 14. I really wanted to cap off the section with the triumphant image of a Concordat blowing through a debris field. Maybe it could have used more debris?

We’re almost done with TTBT art. Just a few more pieces to go.

The Death of a Baron!

Greetings all,

Today we have the Taurian fighter pilot scene from the recent Tex Talks Battletech Warhammer episode. Special thanks to Editor Mike for reading my mind on this one. The scene really looked awesome.

I daydreamed a lot of various fighter attack scenes for this episode. Alas, production time did not allow such lofty aspirations. But, we did get this scene in. I’m fairly pleased with it.

More Tex Talks Battletech art soon!


TTBT Concordat Battleline

Hello everyone,

Let’s get back to the Tex Talks Battletech Warhammer episode art. Today we have the mighty concordat battleline.

I reused the Sabre fighters in the lower right corner. Unfortunately, I don’t recall what the bomber squadrons are modeled after. I did a lot of research on AeroSpace fighters in production before the Case Amber incident. Sadly, it appears, that I’ve forgotten some of the information.

More art soon!

Tex talks Battletech Baron battle line.

Hello all,

Today I have the Baron battle line for you.

Editor Mike really did a great job on the space battle scene. His laser game is much stronger than mine.

Some trivia, the Aerospace squadrons are Thunderbird bombers in the background and Sparrowhawks in the foreground. From my cursory research, it appears that dropships are used as carriers for BT space battles. Even large warships only host a small number of aerospace assets. From what I can tell there are no capital class carriers. I find that a bit strange. 

More art soon,


The Concordat enters the battle!

Just over your planet chilling….

Hello all,

This is my quick redesign of the Concordat warship. I really just flattened out the curves and angled stuff up. In retrospect, maybe I should have done more to adapt the rounded surfaces. Is it lazy of me to just flatten them out?

But, I also don’t hate the results.

More Concordats to come!


Tex Talks Battletech Baron.

In the space dock. The best place for it.

Hello all,

Time to continue with the Tex Talks Battletech art. This is the first piece I created of the much-maligned Baron destroyer.

Translating some of the old BT warship designs can be a challenge. The older art doesn’t always indicate where weapons are mounted. However, it’s generally indicated that the main armament is in the bow. That would be most of the naval class weapons. That being the case, I assumed most of the smaller “mech” equivalent weapons are defensive in nature. So, those ports along the back are for the Large Lasers and LRM launchers. The White Shark launchers are arranged along the ventral and dorsal spines.

Soon, we’ll see the Baron’s counterpart.