Weekly update April. 13th, 2020 Late comic update this week.

Hello folks,

Comic update will be late this week. I took too long with the art and the lettering has yet to be completed. Look for the update to drop on Tuesday. This will probably be the pattern for the near future. There will be a comic update each week, but they’ll drop on the day they are finished.

In the meantime, enjoy this plethora of art.


Pre-launch comic art dump and comic info!

New 2020 booth banner image!

Hello readers,

Yes, soon Astray3 chapter 4 will begin! In the wee hours of Monday morning, a fresh new page will be posted! So, let’s update a few things.

There are a few changes to how pages and translated versions will be posted for 2020. There will no longer be a waiting period for translations. When a new A3 page posts, it will be followed shortly by the decoded version. ( This will last until no longer necessary. ) Thus, the reading order for chapter four will be the original page, translated page, next alien lingo page and so on. As much as I enjoy my vision of creating an immersive foreign world, I get that it can be annoying to folks who just want to read the work. How this will affect the future printed versions? I don’t know yet.

New pages should role out consistently for the next couple of months. I do, sadly, predict a lot of irregularities in posting. Most of you already know that last year I started attending conventions and art events to promote the comic and work. For 2020, I’m pushing to attend triple the amount of events. ( Almost a convention a month; sometimes more. ) Obviously, this means more time away from the drawing table. This will result in some short months. But, I will try to keep them rolling out.

What else can you expect from me in 2020? There will be another art book about mid-year covering part of 2019 and 2020. Also, look for new merch items in the Astray3 store. I will be creating a ton of new stuff for my con booth. On that note, If you use Patreon, please consider supporting Astray3. I’m too busy to put exclusives there. However, I do provide subscribers with discount codes for merch releases…and sometimes physical freebies. Alternately, consider buying some books from the Astray3 store. Any support is much appreciated.

And that is all for now! Look for a new comic post soon!

All the best,


Now, let’s post some art!


Sticker Design
Another sticker design