Weekly update Mar. 16th, 2020 Not much to report…art?

Hello Readers,

I’m pretty much done with my Spider-Verse mini-print piece. ( Finished as in I’m tired of working on it. Oops, forgot the spider emblem on Peter Parker’s chest. Oh well, not done yet I guess. ) Time to move on to some new sticker designs. However, since all the conventions are on pause due to Coronavirus, I’m in no rush to get them done.

On the comic front, we should enjoy a few more weeks of consistent page updates. Also, the sale on the Astray3 shop will continue till conventions start back up. All orders will get bonus prints or mini-prints during the duration of the sale. Also, if you are in the mind to do so, please consider joining the Astray3 Patreon. Patreon members get discounts on new Astray3/Eldoniousrex merch. And any contributions help during the event closures.

And that is it for now. I will leave you with some new sketch cards and outgoing book orders.

All the best,


The Astray3 EVERYTHING IS FINE sale!

Everything really isn’t “fine.”

Hello Astray3 faithful,

As you all probably know already, the Coronavirus scare is taking a toll on the convention and live event circuit. This resulted in the cancellation/postponement of next week’s Planet Comicon in Kansas City. A large event I was counting on to recoup some production costs. To compensate, I’m promoting a sale on the Astray3 Big Cartel shop.  

All purchases will come with bonus goodies! Either a free cover print or mini-print with your order! Get them while supplies last!

Any purchase will be greatly appreciated!

All the best,


Weekly update for March 9th, 2020. More art and cons!

Branson Comic Con 2020 booth setup

Hello readers,

Branson comic con is now in the past. A great and fairly profitable experience. Special thanks to the crew who put the show on. Next, will be Planet Comicon in Kansas City   It’s bound to be a busy weekend of comicy goodness. 

Now, down to Astray3 comic business. As the last week proved, we are entering the time of update hiccups. Conventions and other businesses have started to gnaw into comic production time. There are three completed pages in the pipeline for the next three weeks. With another page currently in production, we should have at least four weeks of uninterrupted updates. I will try my best to make it five weeks of uninterrupted updates; no guarantees though. 

That is all for today. I will leave you with a WIP of a new small Spider-verse print I’m working on. The new page of Astray3 should be posting momentarily. 

All the best,


One more member of the trio to add…

Weekly update for Monday March 2nd, 2020. Astray3 on pause this week.

A Hellion from Darkest Dungeon. Not a minor reason the comic has been postponed.

Bad news A3 faithful,

Regrettably, there won’t be an Astray3 update this Monday. Due to the prior hectic week, I wasn’t able to get the lettering and compositing finished on the next set of comics in time. Rather than posting the page later in the week, I’ve opted to push the next update to the following Monday. Sorry for the wait. Return next Monday for a brand new installment. 

The comic convention season has started in force. Following is a picture of my current booth set up at the recent Fayetteville Comic Show. Next weekend will be Branson Comic Con. ….or Kevin Sorbo con with how much they advertise him. ( Oh, the above piece is a Hellion from Darkest Dungeon. Not a minor reason why the comic is postponed this week. )

Look at that purty table of chaotic colors.

Till next week!

All the best,


Weekly update for Monday 24th, 2020. Art and cons!

Hello readers,

I’m going to try to make these updates more of a regular thing. We will see how long that lasts…

The above image is a creature design for Assorted Geekdom’s upcoming RPG project. The mysterious aquatic race known as the Uku’ Bant. I experimented with the rendering approach for this piece. Created it as a grayscale then added the color via blending layers. I’m fairly pleased with the result.

Next weekend I will be taking Astray3 to the Fayetteville Comic Show. Promises to be a fun event with a ton of cool guests.

The weekend directly after the Fayetteville event, I will be heading to Branson, MO for the three day Branson Comic Con. Or as the Simpsons put it…

And have I shown you guys the current booth? Probably not. Here is a pic from the previous Neosho Artscon.

My lovely corner of a high school gym.

And that is it for now! See you next time!

All the best,


Weekly update for Feb. 3rd, 2020. Merch and art!

Greetings readers!

My first set of rad stickers is now up on the big cartel shop! https://astray3.bigcartel.com/ Beautiful high-quality KISS cut vinyl stickers! And a reminder, Patreon patrons get discounts and other perks for new merch releases.

The above art is a revamp of an old Procreate favorite. It’s going to be part of a small series of prints I’m making for upcoming conventions. It’s kind of tough reworking an old piece rather than creating a whole new one. Go figure…

That’s all for now! Be back soon with more art and comics!

All the best,