TTBT Charger redesign!

Greetings all,

This is my humble redesign of the Charger for TTBT. At the time there wasn’t an official redesign by CGL. So, I did my usual CHONKED-UP version. It isn’t obvious where the remaining four small lasers are located on the original art. So, I placed them all in the barrel fist; only one of the lasers is supposed to be there.

That gives the Charger a BURNING-PUNCH at least.

I guess I should really start checking the TRO sheets when I do these.

It is funny to look back at old art to see how they dealt with the odd placement of one small laser in the barrel fist. Some make it look like a flamer is placed there or a larger weapon.

More art soon!

Tex Talks Charger is here!

Hello folks,

It’s Christmas Eve! Tex and the BPL production team are going to let you open this gift early. The Tex Talks Battletech on the Charger is up!

Link here:

And this means I can start showing some art from the episode. The above is the first big piece produced for the episode. Special thanks to MookieDog, on Discord, for suggesting and funding the piece. I sent him a big poster of the work. A smaller version will be part of the upcoming Charger pack.