Weekly update for April. 22, 2019. A brief update delay.

Hello Astray3 readers,

Sorry to say there will be a brief delay for Astray3 chapter 3 page 34. Instead of waiting for Thursday, I’ll be posting the comic when it’s finished. Should be Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

In further news, there will not be a comic update next week. I need to finish up work on an art book(let) that has to be sent to the printers by the end of next week. Yes, an art book(let). It’ll be a mish-mash of miscellaneous artwork I’ve created over the previous year. There will be some Astray3 artwork in there too. Initially, these will only be available at the June, 29th Deathray Expo. Afterward, there will be a temporary e-shop for you internet folks to obtain a copy. The artbooks will be a limited run. So, once they’re gone they’re gone. Also, expect some fancy art prints to trade for your money papers.

That’s it for now. New update soon.