Heavy Gear NEW New Eden mini preview!

Look at that beefy little boi flex.

Hello all,

Dream Pod 9 has started previewing the upcoming line of New Eden miniatures. Today they revealed the Centaur hover type Golem along with its variants. The Griffin was unveiled a few weeks ago, but we got to see all its accessories today.

You can check out the original post here: Dream Pod 9 Facebook page.

There will be a slate of reveals over the next couple of months. Lots of cool stuff to come.



Dream Pod 9 work finally sees the light of day!

Hello all, 

So, it seems that the DP9 team plans to release my designs for the NEW New Eden miniature range over the month of January. Nice!

I’ve been wrestling with this project for the duration of 2021. I really don’t know a lot about Heavy Gear; I remember perusing the RPG books back in my teen years. It has certainly been an education. Lots of late nights patiently going over the details of HG lore and what weapon abbreviations mean. 

This gear, or as Edenites call them “Golems,” is a Griffin. This is one of the first designs I produced for DP9. It’s a little rough for the first go; some wonky bits. It’ll come in two flavors. A light grenade version for anti-infantry work and an ECCM version to gum up enemy electronics. It comes with an in-built machine gun and melee claws standard. 

Make sure to visit the original post for more details!


Enjoy and have a happy 2022!