Weekly update for Monday March 2nd, 2020. Astray3 on pause this week.

A Hellion from Darkest Dungeon. Not a minor reason the comic has been postponed.

Bad news A3 faithful,

Regrettably, there won’t be an Astray3 update this Monday. Due to the prior hectic week, I wasn’t able to get the lettering and compositing finished on the next set of comics in time. Rather than posting the page later in the week, I’ve opted to push the next update to the following Monday. Sorry for the wait. Return next Monday for a brand new installment. 

The comic convention season has started in force. Following is a picture of my current booth set up at the recent Fayetteville Comic Show. Next weekend will be Branson Comic Con. ….or Kevin Sorbo con with how much they advertise him. ( Oh, the above piece is a Hellion from Darkest Dungeon. Not a minor reason why the comic is postponed this week. )

Look at that purty table of chaotic colors.

Till next week!

All the best,


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