Weekly update for March. 18, 2019. Comic updates Thursday!

Cover for Astray3 Chapter 1: Static

Hello Astray3 readers!

As stated above, this week’s update will drop on Thursday. Expect shifting updates to be the norm for the next couple of months. I’m playing catch up with a lot of non-comic production duties. The above being an example.

The above image will be the cover for the first Comixology collection of Astray3 chapter one. If I can manage it, each chapter will be posted on Comixology for easier reading on mobile devices. ( And another way for folks to support the comic. ) This also means more comic delays as I move onto the artwork for chapter two. ( Chapter three will soon follow. )

I’m also preparing for the Death Ray Expo in June. ( https://www.facebook.com/events/hilton-garden-inn-fayetteville/death-ray-illustration-print-expo/783748332000043/ ) Yes, I’ll finally start looking into attending shows and conventions. It will still be some time before the first Astray3 print book is ready for purchase. But, I’m laying the groundwork for that with these early shows. There will also be a shop for various Astray3 tchotchkes and assorted sundries soon. Look for that after the June show.

That is it for now. See you Thursday!


And a bonus! Procreate practice from last week. Enjoy!

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