Weekly update for March 4, 2019 ( Update Thursday. )

Hello readers,

This week’s update is being pushed back to Thursday. I’m currently juggling several projects in preparation for an event in June. This means Astray3 updates may become erratic as I shift the workload. The goal will still be to continue releasing comic pages once a week. However, the post date may vary. Keep your peepers down here for further notifications.

Now for a bit of good news. What are these projects I’m working on? First, I’m working on ComiXology versions of each Astray3 chapter. In addition to being a new way for readers to support the comic, this will be an easier way to read the story. I’m not completely happy with how Astray3 reads on the current website. Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources or time to address this in the immediate future. Hopefully, a website redesign will be something that can happen once I free up the assets.

Next, I’m looking into putting materials together for an event. June 29th will be the first Death Ray Expo show completely dedicated to NWA comic artists and illustrators. ( https://www.evensi.us/death-ray-illustration-print-expo-hilton-garden-inn-fayetteville/290920445 and https://www.facebook.com/events/hilton-garden-inn-fayetteville/death-ray-illustration-print-expo/783748332000043/ )

We are still too early for the first print edition of Astray3. ( The comic will cross the first book threshold this year though. I still have to figure out how I’m going to print the dang thing. ) So, whatever I can throw together for the show will be comic promotional materials and miscellaneous prints. These will principally available for visitors to the show. But, I will create a way to purchase prints and booklets online after the event.

That’s all for now folks. See ya Thursday.


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