Weekly update for Sept. 10, 2018

Finally, we will have a two update week. It’s been a long time coming, but it is finally here! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!…However, this will probably be the last double update week for the foreseeable future. ( Not saying this will be the situation indefinitely. )

We are quickly reaching the one year anniversary for this version of Astray3. HURRAY! However, hold the cake and confetti, it is time for some introspection and reevaluation. While, I do consider the current version a success purely based on it’s continued existence, the last year has certainly been a learning experience. ( For instance, I now have a solid idea of what can be accomplished on a week to week basis. )

It’s painfully apparent that the webcomic environment has changed since the original A3 run. Thus the theme for Astray3 v2 year two will be experimentation. Fear not, A3 will go largely untouched and continue to update on a “weekly” basis. Although, there maybe inconsistencies in the release schedule due to taking time to work on related projects. ( Such as putting together a print version, updating the site, or just plain life issues. ) Also, since A3 is a personal project, I won’t be moving it to a popular webcomic collective site. That way I can keep it clear of any tricksy contract issues and outside meddling. 

What are my bold NEW ideas then? Well, there is nothing concrete yet. I just have some vague concepts in mind. For one, I’m considering a smaller, less complicated side comic to feature on those big webcomic collective sites. I currently try, and regularly fail at, creating two A3 comics a week. Each A3 update takes an average of 20 to 25 hours to create. ( That is a loooose estimate. Not even accounting for thumb-nailing and writer’s block. It might go as high as 30 hours. ) Moving A3 to a once a week schedule will free up time for a second feature designed to be produced in less than half the time. This second comic won’t be featured here, but hopefully, will point the new audience to Astray3.  That is the rough idea anyway. 

What do you think fair readers?

See you next week,


4 thoughts on “Weekly update for Sept. 10, 2018

  1. Building readership for a webcomic is a thorny issue, in a perfect world word of mouth and fan networking, plus a bit of viral magic should work, but it can’t be counted on. I’ve tried to do my bit but unfortunately my time is limited.

    I can’t pretend to be current on website promotion strategies either, I can only suggest the swan approach – gliding stately on the surface while furiously paddling along under the water. Try to reach out to any and all websites that may be able to provide some traffic.

    I’m not sure “promoting a comic with another comic” is a strategy I’ve ever seen… though I have seen Derelict’s Ben Fleuter and Platinum Grit’s Trudy Cooper start new comics that became far more popular than their original ones (The Sword Interval and Oglaf, respectively) so there’s the “risk” of succeeding with the “wrong” thing…

    How bout posting those images you’ve been drawing on Instagram? Deviantart, Pixiv, any and all platforms, really… it’s a big internet.

  2. You bring up some points I’ve been mulling over. I’m wary of the second feature becoming more popular than Astray3. Which I think is very likely. A3 is a rather dense read, especially at the moment, and not very conducive to “Viral”ism. Neither does it pander to nostalgia ( Unless you were a fan of the previous version. Which that mileage may vary. ) , a perceived niche nor pornography. ( Looking at Oglaf. Which I don’t hate and is actually funny, But, it really leaned on the sex to kickstart it. ) It belongs in a book or a magazine where it can be digested as a whole and considered. The slow dribble of updates does it no favors. So, mainly, it’s got it’s looks to rely on to attract new readers…and that look is more like a classic comic which is not “tres chic” at the moment.

    So, it’s a head scratcher.

    And I really do appreciate the current audience and those who have taken up the cause to help promote it. ( Thanks Nestor. ) That is part of the reason the comic marches ever onward and will continue to do so.

    Also, ummmm Nestor my boy, A3 does have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr presence. All the miscellaneous stuff posts over on these services before I get around to posting it here. Check ‘em out.

    Eldoniousrex on instagram
    @Eldoniosurex on Twitter
    Eldoniousrex on Tumblr
    And I think you already know the FB page.

  3. Oops, yeah I should’ve figured you’re on insta… truth is it’s me who doesn’t use it much, ha ha.

    1. No biggie. My instagram presence is pretty small right now. Wiggle an eyelash and you’d miss it.

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