Weekly update for April 1st, 2019. No comic update this week. ( No joke )

Procreate pic from last week.

Greetings readers,

No, Astray3 update this week. I’m working on the second chapter cover this week and want to get us back on the Monday schedule. Thus, look for a new comic update coming on April 8th. We should be wrapping up chapter three this month. After that, there may be a short break due to the sheer amount of new designs needed for chapter four. Astray3 chapter four will be a doozy. A lot of threads will be coming together and old friendships will be renewed. Look forward to it.

Be back soon!


Weekly update for Feb. 11, 2019 ( No comic this week. )

Work in progress

Hello Astray3 readers,

No comic update this week. I’m currently working on Comixology versions of the first two chapters of Astray3. The above artwork will be the cover for the first chapter once finished. Chapter two will also have a custom cover. Of course, all this artwork takes up comic production time. As such, expect continued delays on comic pages till this work is wrapped up. ( I’ve been putting this work off for waaaaay too long. ) Please excuse the delays.

In other news, Astray3 chapter three will be ending soon! I estimate we are about five pages away from the start of the next chapter. Chapter four will be the last in the currently planned first Astray3 book. ( This will be followed by a short epilogue. ) Yes, this year will see the first assembled Astray3 book. I have no idea how to fund the first printing run yet. I’m considering either a short kickstarter campaign or possibly just a straightforward pre-order period. I’ll keep you all posted on further developments.

That is all for now. Till next time!


Some Clip Studio Paint practice.

Weekly update for Feb. 26, 2019


This week’s update has finally posted! Part of the delay is due to experimenting with Clip Studio Paint for lineart and layouts. Hopefully, this will help with production once the kinks are worked out. So, bear with me as I figure out how best to integrate it into my workflow.

No translation needed this week.

Until next time!


Weekly update for Feb. 18, 2019

Sample pencils from Astray3 Chapter 3 page 28

No need for translations this week dear readers. ( No Saturday translation post. ) I thought the page could speak for itself this time.

There are a lot of new developments percolating under the comicy surface my friends. I just finished writing a lengthy update on the Patreon post for today’s page. I would suggest checking it out for more details. https://www.patreon.com/posts/24778364

That is all for now. Till next week!


Weekly update for Jan. 14th ( It’ll be another Thursday update week. )

This posted on the Patreon page a few days ago. It’s worth visiting there from time to time to see new stuff first. https://www.patreon.com/posts/gomradi-profile-23935633

Yup, it’ll be another Thursday update week. The “inks” and writing are done, but the colors will need some time yet. I’m optimistic that we’ll be back on Mondays next week. However, that shouldn’t be taken as a guarantee. In the meantime….ummm…here is a miscellaneous digital painting experiment picture.

See you Thursday,


Profile: The proud Gomradi. Empire builders par excellence.

The Braymarch of Phuungahi and his mate.

Hello all, the new background article for the Gomradi is up on the Patreon page. You can read it for free there. Also, I’ve finally unlocked the previous lore articles for public viewing. Check out the links below to go straight to those previous lore pieces.

There are a ton of old character designs still locked behind the paywall. Eventually, I’ll open those up to the general public too.