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Urban Fighter Um-Zumi stickers and magnets.

Go! GO! Brave Urban Fighter!
Slow justice never burns out!
The evil ones’ eyes look to heaven.
Retribution reaches up from below.
Tears dry in the righteous fire!
Go! Um-Zumi! GO!
Brave Urban Fighter! GOOOO!
Slow justice never burns out!

Urban Fighter Um-Zumi stickers and magnets are now on the shop!

Link to the shop here:

Welcome back to the 80’s!

Hey folks!
Sometimes I do things just to see if I can do them. In this instance, I wanted to try replicating an 80’s anime style. Yup, welcome to a time when anime was still an obscure niche in the U.S. A time you couldn’t engage in the hobby without looks of bewilderment from your friends and family.

There’s a reason they had to put ” Not For Kids” on the front of those old VHS tapes at the video store.

And there’s a shirt if you want to confuse your friends at the next convention. Regale them with stories of a show that does not exist!