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Hello readers,

We showed off part of this piece before the Warhammer episode’s premiere. Here’s the full version.
If you are curious about what that sticker on the lower right sticker reads, it’s “Big Love: Meet single Elementals in your area.”

Warhammer pack art is done!

Greetings from the Federated Suns DCMS scum!

Hello all,

The Warhammer Pack art is done! The prints and sundries will be ordered soon. It’ll still be a few weeks before the sale officially starts. The pack will feature 5 prints and a coaster; the standard size on the prints will be 8.5″x11″.


Also, the Big Bear Warmachines design is available on Tee-Public.

More TTBT art coming!


Another day on the Warhammer production line.

Those workers should be wearing some protective goggles…

Greetings y’all,

I’m breaking the production order today to maintain the Warhammer theme. This was a late addition to the production order. So, some elements feel a bit rushed. ( Please don’t focus on how that ramp on the right is off perspective. )

Admittedly, I thought Defiance was the chief producer of the Warhammer up until this assignment; very embarrassing.