Published On: July 20, 2020

4 thoughts on “Astray3 chapter 4 page 20 translation

  1. Well I hope things start to go wrong for the Madrehar soon.
    Also I doubt the Madrehar would like any answers she got out of Emily.

  2. It would be a funny alternate story branch where the Muradjinn attempt to invade the modern day U.S. based on what they learn from Emily. I haven’t put much thought into how much practical military knowledge she actually knows. Off the top of my head, probably not much.

  3. Well at least her spit doesn’t melt Emily’s face off either… really missing those stray powers she used to have in the old version… 🙂
    I note the pet’s frustrated rant is in another language in the untranslated page, one that the Madrehar doesn’t understand, I’ll bet.

    1. We maybe correcting that soon. Yes, “Pet” is speaking in his native Ocellog language during that scene.

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