Published On: September 24, 2020

7 thoughts on “Astray3 chapter 4 page 24

  1. Ah, Intervention. Is this anyone we saw in the old comic with a new look, or a new person altogether?

    1. The answer to both of those questions is… “Maybe?”

  2. Foxy Loxy wants to invite everyone to her place to continue this

    1. Well, there is at least one person who is being “invited.”

  3. You should definitely check out (if you haven’t already) and grow your comic audience even more. It’s geared specifically towards games, artwork, comics, anime, and cool stuff like that. You can also publish ad spaces for other users to bid on and earn $, if you have a website (which obvi you do). Keep up the good work.

  4. Glad to see this back! It was one of the first webcomics I ever read. Sorry I left some translations on early pages before I realized the format 😛 Liking the rewrite so far!!

    1. Thank you Dranorter. Luckily I just caught your emails in my inbox on the other account. I’m happy you like the new version and found it somewhat easy to navigate. I also appreciate you taking the time to translate some of the pages. That’s fantastic. Unfortunately, not a lot of people enjoyed it…thus the cheat version was created. Also, sadly, my life has changed quite a bit since the last page was posted. I’ve recently taken up a lot of freelance illustration work and it’s killed my comic time. I do hope to wrap up the fourth chapter this year and an accompanying epilogue. Let’s keep those fingers crossed.


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