DP9 previews: The Saker and Serpentina.

Hello folks,

DP9 has revealed more New Eden designs. This time we have a pair of hover vehicles. The support-orientated Saker and the medium hover tank the Serpentina.

Boy, these really exposed some issues I have with proper perspective. After these two designs, I had to go back to the drawing board with how I approach vehicle drawings.

A quick shout out to a book that’s helping me sort things out.

Framed Perspective Vol. 1

We got two more vehicles to go!

Until then, take care out there,


New NEW Eden teasers!

Hello fellows,

Dream Pod 9 had posted new teasers for the upcoming New Eden line.

Leading with the new Warlock electronic warfare golem. The radar dish head is inspired by the XD-03 from the Dragonar anime. Along with that, we have the new technical golem, the Druid. The druid has a handy claw for recovering OR wrecking gears.

Check out the original post on the Dream Pod 9 Facebook page.

Still some big reveals to come! Stay tuned!


I hear it’s one hot ride!

One well-done Mechwarrior coming right up!

Hello all,

Sarna has posted a new “Bad” mech article! This time they’ve spotlighted a rather controversial choice for the topic, THE NOVA! This is the mech for the clanner who wants ALL the ER medium lasers. But, as they say, ” You want all the laser, you have to take all the heat. “

You can read the original article here.


I wonder what mech will next make the naughty list?