Knife Fight City T-shirt and Patches!

Knife Fight City Cinematic Universe T-shirt.

Hello folks,

Here’s a quick update on a few things going on this Monday. Tex, of Black Pants Legion fame, and I are teaming up to bring back the 80’s in KNIFE FIGHT FORM!!! All profits from this shirt sale will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Pre-order yours at:

In more Urbanmech related news, UrbEx patches are now available on the web-shop.

Yes, it has an Iron-on back for the sewing impaired.

Not bad for a first attempt. You can get them on the webshop.

That’s all for now! Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Knife Fight City T-shirt and Patches!

  1. Amazing art, thanks for your contribution to the battletech community. I love the details and “nose art” you include in your mechs, would love to see more (or larger) versions of it. I hope you keep creating, it gives more people an opportunity to see and enjoy your art,


    1. Thank you, B!
      Plenty more to come!

  2. Eldonious,
    I’m currently building up the Knife Fight City Cinematic Universe Wiki, and would love to use some of your art for the project. Is there anything you have already available that would fit, or do I need to throw money at you? I will throw money at you.

    1. Hey Kaldab,
      You can use the KFC artwork. Knife Fight City is largely Tex and Mike’s thing. So, I’d run it by them too.

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