Weekly update July. 20th, 2020! My how the time flies.

Samurai Hobbit

Hello folks,

It’s been a stretch since the last update has it not? Rest assured the great work continues. ( Even if it is always late. ) I’ve pretty much resigned myself to posting pages when they are done now rather than waiting for Monday’s to roll around. So, keep an eye out on my social feeds to know when the next page has posted.

It’s nigh 3am when I’m writing this, thus, I will end the post here. Enjoy a ton of new art!

All the best,


2 thoughts on “Weekly update July. 20th, 2020! My how the time flies.

  1. Hi Eldon
    I am looking to commission some art. I am building a wood flag for the deputy from the black pants legion. I was look to get you to draw a stencil for me so I can carve it into the wood with a dermal tool. I love to carve but can’t draw to save my life would love to hear back from you. Thank you for your time

    1. Hello Jacob,
      Sorry fo the late reply. Shoot me an email at eldoniousrex@gmail.com if you still would like my help.

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