Weekly update August 22nd, 2020 Shhh…it’s a secret.

Hello people who actually read this section,

Well, it’s been a bit since the last update. By the time you are reading this Astray3 Enigma 22 should be posted. I had hoped to increase the rate of page posts for August. Buuut, true to form, that didn’t happen. However, if you visit the Patreon page, you might find a clue as to why the slow down occurred. For the time being, expect a giant art dump around the end of August. ( I’m waiting on permission to post everything. )

This was a short one. Let’s keep those fingers crossed that it won’t take another three weeks to post the next page.

All the best for now,


Weekly update August 9th, 2020 Of comics and sidetracks.

Hello readers,

Another Monday with no comic update! However, it’s on the way. I just completed inking and will be moving onto coloring soon. ETA should be by Friday for page 22. 

In other news, I’m in talks with some fantastic people about helping out with a Youtube series. This will take up my extra art time. So, don’t expect much in the way of misc art posts until I get the go-ahead to post them. Can’t wait until you folks get to see what’s cooking.

That’s all for now. Enjoy some birds in tanks!

All the best,


Weekly update August 3rd, 2020! Oh my, A TON OF ART!

Procreate Practice.

Hello Astray3 readers,

Astray3 Enigma page 21 is now live! Enjoy the brain numbing conclusion to this installment. Hopefully, we won’t be waiting too long for page 22.

In the interim, there has been plenty of practice, Practice, PRACTICE! Enjoy this bevy of fantasy characters in various historical garb!

That’s it for now! Be back soon with more art and comics!

All the best,


Gnoll Death’s Head Hussars

Scottish Centaur!
Soviet Sniper Snek