2 thoughts on “October creature girl feature! Sirene from Devilman.

  1. I’m often put off by how a lot of female monsters tend to be regular human women with a few monsterous bits added on. Thats what I love about Thunga. She’s all monster/creature. She may very well be quite attractive for her species, but at least she’s not just a girl with extras.

    Mind you, it can’t be easy for an artist to draw a monster/creature and have it recognized as a girl/woman/lady without basing it around some of the most common and obvious female sexual traits.

    1. I do agree with those sentiments. It’s why most of the female creatures in Astray3 don’t display obvious human attributes. ( Other than sharing the bipedal form we are so familiar with. ) I would rather avoid making the inhabitants look like too “personified” versions of earthly animals. This does require some extra thought when designing new creatures. Trying to imagine what biological incentives would influence their clothing and accessories. One of the key features of this new version of Astray3 will be that it delves deeper into the society of the world. Emily’s forced isolation in the previous version hampered that kind of exploring.

      But, admittedly, it is fun to just let loose and draw some more conventional sexy monster ladies. However, October is almost done and that means I’ll have to move on to more urgent business. Like revamping the graphics on this site.

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