October creature girl triple feature!

I’ve been working on a series of monster girl digital paintings for October. Click on each picture to take you to the process video on Patreon. Enjoy!

Suggestions for this one were Mangler fish and Angler-bish
The rare bit of fan art. Psycho Jenny rom the Devilman series. 

2 thoughts on “October creature girl triple feature!

  1. Interesting how both original monsters were top-half sexy female human with teeth as soon as you hit the location for reproductive extremities.

    I imagine both creatures roaming around the swamp or ocean with their top half out as a sort of lure to male humans.

    For names, I’m inclined towards something like Mossy and Snag Queen

    1. Haha…I do like those names. Those two monster ladies do lean into “vagina dentata” territory.

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