Tex Talks Battletech episode 14 is here!

Hello all,

The new episode of Tex Talks Battletech is upon us! This time we have an extensive discussion on arms production efficacy and the venerable Warhammer. It’s a doozy of an episode!

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YsiYNJFyQQ&t=6724s&ab_channel=BlackPantsLegion

Warhammer packs are in development. There are still a few things to wrap up and items to order. You’ll see it, along with a bevy of new items, post on the webshop within the next several. Keep an eye on the blog for when they’re ready.
Shop link here: www.astray3.bigcartel.com

Plenty of art to come!


Hercules reborn!

Hercules casually strolling through a Roger Dean album cover.

Hello all,

Everything Battletech recently commissioned me to redesign the venerable Hercules battlemech. Admittedly, it looks like the lovechild of a Cataphract and Blackjack.
You can find a higher resolution version of the image on EBT’s Patreon or Discord.

Here’s a link to their main page: https://www.everythingbattletech.com/



April Fools! Pseudotech: Arcade Operations

Slap em’, whack em’, mecha!

Hello folks,

Catalyst Games Lab graced us with a very cool April Fools “joke” today. A book full of zany rules to spice up your casual Battletech games.

Yours truly created the cover last year. I thought it might have gotten lost in time. But, it’s nice to see Catalyst putting it to good use.

Get your copy here:


Another “Bad” mech article! The Hornet!

It looks like a soybean cosplaying as The Rocketeer

Once again I had the honor of creating an illustration for a new “bad” mech article on Sarna.net. This time it’s the mediocre ovoid known as the Hornet light mech. Dr. Robotnik was Sean’s idea and I couldn’t pass up the chance to draw a classic Sonic villain.

Read the article here:



Battletech Empire Alone Sourcebook cover revealed!

Bringing the fisticuffs back to the bots.

Hello folks,

This is a quick update to let y’all know that Catalyst Game Labs has revealed the cover for the upcoming Battletech Empie Alone sourcebook. I’ve already shown this one off in full, but this is the first time with the wording in place.

You can check out the original article HERE!

And, yes, this one will get the print treatment in the near future.

Lots more art is incoming!


Battletech Tamar Rising is out now!

That elemental is a bit of a coward.

Greetings Y’all,

CGL’s new Tamar Rising book is available now on DriveThruRPG. You can get a copy here:


This is my lone contribution to the book. But, I’m pretty proud of this one. The GDL is back in style and serving up some asymmetrical warfare to the clans.

Also, speaking of the Grey Death Legion, 1N51 over at Camo Specs Online sent me this awesome Marauder; painted up like Grayson Carlyle’s.

Make sure to check out Camo Specs Online for all your Battletech camo reference needs:


And if you are Twitter inclined, follow 1N51 for more BT goodness.

That’s some old Warhammer terrain of mine.