“ And there she goes. “

Xaun kicked the air like an anxious child. Her eyes still focussed on where the prismatic swirl had winked out of existence. With a mischievous smirk she spoke obliquely to her companion.

“ What shall we do with ourselves now, Cyrus? “

The seemingly older man instinctively knew the real turmoil boiling under Xaun’s carefree demeanor. The real fear she was obviously trying to hide. After all, Cyrus was fighting down the same rising anxiety.

“ Let’s not dwell on that. Why don’t we make the most of the time we have left? “

She made an exaggerated show of mock relief. Cyrus might not be able to assuage Xaun’s dread, but he could distract her for awhile. Maybe long enough that they wouldn’t notice it when it happened.

“ No, how about we make the least of it. I can never process the time difference between here and there. It’d be a shame to get involved with anything we can’t finish.“

Xaun languidly turned to regard him. Her lavender eyes searching his face. Was she looking for

a sign of his own despair? Cyrus met her attitude in kind. Casually leaning on the record shop’s sign, he presented a wry smile.

“ Well then, I understand this area was underwater about 65 million years ago. Should be a beach around here somewhere. “