Published On: September 3, 2019

2 thoughts on “Astray3 chapter 3 page 6

  1. Panel 1:
    And this is just the beginning of your suffering.
    You will pay tenfold for every one of my people you slew!
    With all due respect madrehar, she doesn’t understand murbish.
    (Some more murbish)
    Panel 2:
    Then you make sure she understands!
    I want our guest to know the purpose behind every horror and torture inflicted upon her.
    Panel 3:
    Oh, and no tricks my sly little pet. Who knows what I might carve from you next if I’m displeased.
    Panel 4:
    (More of the prisoner’s language)
    Panel 5:
    She seems particularly upset with you pet. However, we must keep her focused on the great work.
    Panel 6:
    Perhaps we can tempt our guest with something to impart a glimmer of hope.
    Something that will pique her interest.
    Panel 7:
    You know what this is pet. Tell her…
    (Pet speaks again. Ah, wish I knew what this said)

  2. Panel 1, thin angled language: “However…she probably gets the gist of it.”

    Panel 4, curved bold language:
    “Sigh… the madrehar said that you will watch the deaths of those you tried to protect. Consider it punishment for all the Murad?inn you killed. And your suffering has just begun… Horror… torture… blah blah blah. Do I need to go on?”
    Panel 5: “You sniveling coward! How can you speak for this monster? Have you no shame?”
    Panel 8: “Oh, that must be a vial of tralk poison.”

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