Published On: September 3, 2019

2 thoughts on “Astray3 chapter 3 page 4

  1. Panel 1:
    Oh? That is a shame.
    I suppose only the faithful find comfort in the rituals of cleansing and conversion.
    Would you agree, pet?
    Yes, maprehar… the “rites” are … umm… an acquired taste.
    Panel 2:
    (more other language)
    There, there…
    Panel 3:
    Let it not be said I’m an inattentive host.
    Perhaps a change in scenery would suit our guest better.
    Panel 4:
    After all, it’s a rare privilege for an ostralien siave to have such a grand view of our great work.
    Panel 5:
    Now, don’t look away. You should feel proud of what you accomplished.
    Panel 6:
    This is your reward for so fearsomely slaughtering the children of sofullam.
    A noble perch from which to watch the destruction of those you so valiantly tried to save.

    1. Panel 2’s other language:
      “I will kill you.”

      Thank you for this translation, by the way! I hope to add what I can.

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