Published On: September 3, 2019

3 thoughts on “Astray3 chapter 3 page 3

  1. Panel 1:
    Oh, merciful sofullam, sweet mother of trallks.
    Protector of our people.
    Panel 2:
    You who raised the ancient cities.
    You who shielded us from the profane ostraliers and whispered to us the secrets of thallk-craft.
    Panel 3:
    Accept this offering pump. We, your servants, will not rest till all false hearts fall silent.
    Panel 4:
    Your wrath be done.
    Your wrath be done.
    Panel 5:
    Stop dawdling pet! Make sure she understands every word i say.
    (a few words of a different language)
    Yes, madrehar.
    Panel 6:
    In your service, madrehar.
    Thank you child.
    Panel 7:
    So, is our honored guest enjoying the rites?
    Panel 8:
    (Much speech in a third language)
    Obviously not.

  2. The third language in panel eight:
    “Only a weak people enslaved to a weak god would torture the helpless!
    Release me cowards and we’ll see how your faith fairs (fares) against a victim that can fight back!
    I doubt all the gods can shield you from the strength of one Numagrum!”

    Just re-discovered this comic today, having seen nothing for a long time after the second iteration was removed. On a whim I looked it up and fond this version online! I’m immensely happy to see it back and am looking forward to reading the new content!

    1. The second language (in panel five): “Sigh… Damn it all…”

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