Published On: September 3, 2019

One thought on “Astray3 chapter 3 page 20

  1. Translation:
    Panel 1:
    – Bird creature (Swete?): Kilje! Kilje! I’ve lost you Kilje! Answer me!
    – Lizard creature (Isnech?): Comrade Swete! Be silent! Get down here with us!

    Panel 2:
    – Bird creature (Swete?): You, Isnech, help me find my Kilje! She’s blue…
    – Lizard Creature (Isnech?): Comrade! I haven’t seen your mate. Now, get down before the muradjinn see you!

    Panel 3:
    – Bird creature (Swete?): Don’t call me comrade, filth! I’d rather take an arrow than live without… I promised! She can’t be… I can’t…
    – Lizard Creature (Isnech?): Do as you will fool! But don’t draw their eye to us too!

    Panel 4:
    – Lizard Creature (Isnech?): Huh… What did you say?

    Panel 5:
    – Lizard Creature (Isnech?): You don’t speak gomradese?

    Panel 6:
    – Lizard Creature (Isnech?): I’m sorry my foreign friend.

    Panel 8:
    – Bird creature (Swete?): Curse you! Don’t ignore me! Do your duty dral and assist…

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