Published On: September 3, 2019

One thought on “Astray3 chapter 3 page 16

  1. Translation:
    Panel 1, Murbish:
    – Creature 1: What is that abomination?
    – Creature 2: Did it cause the deck to crash down?
    – Creature 3: Oh, the Madrehar sicced the ogresoon on the wretched thing. Why not shoot it?
    – Purn: Gordge, you half-brained dolt, do you want to throw a wheel!? Stop the grinders this instant!

    Panel 2:
    – Gordge: Cool your head, we have a rattling noise in the works. Zarn told me to hold on the damper until he susses out the problem. We’re slowing the avreels to half pa…
    – Purn: Curses, Zarn can take a grag’s pace for his inspection afterward!
    – Gordge: Sigh… as you insist.

    Panel 3:
    – Gordge: Hey, Zarn, Purn’s riding my ass…
    – Zarn: I heard… Apply the brakes gently, I’ll keep listening for the clamor.
    – Gordge: If you say so…

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