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When I’m not working on the comic I usually experiment with digital painting….to later use on the comic. Up until now I have only been posting these pics on my social media accounts. So for funsies, and site fodder in-between updates, I’ll start dumping some of the miscellaneous artwork here in the blog section. 

By the way, there is a process video posted over on the Patreon page for public view.

Learn to read Astraylien….or wait around for a bit.

Oh, the memories…
We have finally arrived at “that” portion of the story. For new readers this maybe confusing. The inhabitants of the Astray3 world speak their own, and varied, languages. This gibberish can be translated via simple symbol cipher as depicted in the above example. ( This would be Gomradese in the comic’s current form. Too bad the comic this post coincides with is Murbish. ) Now, we are all busy people who probably don’t have the time to decipher silly languages featured in an obscure internet comic. For this reason, there will be a few ways to read a translated version of the comic. However, since the comic is being presented in it’s “ideal” form in the comic area, these translations won’t be readily available. The quickest way to read it would be to join the Astray3 Patreon. A translated page will be presented with the initial post there. ( Along with some in depth notes about the page.) Consider it a perk for the folks who help pay the comic bills.  After two days the comic post will be made public on Patreon. You can read it there without paying. Finally, for you who hate the Patreon thing altogether, I’ll post the translated pages for each week here in the blog section. These will go up on Saturday. Thank you for reading and supporting Astray3! -Eldon

Patreon update for July 30th, 2018

Now, with the preamble out of the way, we can start exploring the world of Astray3 in more detail. Yes, dear readers, there is a Patreon set up to support the comic at Over the last chapter(s) I have been steadily adding design work and exclusive material for patrons. Also, I’ve been including notes and observations with each comic update. ( These annotated pages are available to non-patrons after three days. ) At the time, however, due to the intended mysterious nature of the material, I couldn’t really expand on the story. So, I wasn’t pushing the service very hard. But, since we have entered the world proper, I can elaborate on the setting and offer nuggets of information on how it operates. Going forward, you will find Patreon updates posted here in the blog roll section. These will list what has been added and briefly describe the contents. Usually, the subject will coincide with what appears in the comic and won’t spoil any upcoming surprises. There are more planned perks for patrons. ( Yay, alliteration! ) I will be unveiling those as the chapter three kick off month progresses. Thank you for supporting and reading Astray3! -Eldon P.S. You can follow Astray3 on multiple social media platforms. Help spread the word or just follow to keep updated. ( I even post non-comic related artwork on them. ) Twitter: Instagram: Eldoniousrex Facebook: Tumblr:


“ My sister would kill me if she saw you up there! Please be careful Emily! “

Emily could hear the worry in Aunt Yellowcloud’s voice. But, she was a great climber and in no real danger. The rocky outcrop had plenty of finger and toe holds for her eleven year old hands to grip. She didn’t even spare her fretting Aunt a glance. Her attention completely on the ochre and orange vista rolling out before her.

“ It’s so pretty Mary! I think I can see where we parked from up here! OH, there are little climbers on the cliffs!! “

“ Come on down Little Bird. The tour bus could be leaving at any moment. We are holding up the group. “

She winced at the nickname. It was Aunt Yellowcloud’s idea to give Emily her Great Grandmother’s name as her middle name. A tribute to and reminder of her Native American heritage. Some of her classmates made fun of it. So, when asked what the “B” stood for in her name she’d lie. She would say it stood for “Bernice,” “Bernadette” or just “Bob.”


Jessica R. Murphy took another long drag on the cigarette. She had happened upon this shady niche in the museum garden and decided to take advantage of it. Even though smoking might not be prohibited here, she still kept a wary eye out for the museum staff. Last thing she needed was some snob hassling her over the “filthy” habit. She had dealt with enough pretentious bullshit today.

But, this wasn’t so bad. Leaning against a fountain inside the small shady nook, she had a good view of the garden’s length. The sun streamed through the overarching trees. Soft yellow light dappled the grounds and marble statues. This she could appreciate. Better than the last two hours of paint splatters, color squares, and portraits of dead guys. She had no idea why Emily got such a kick out of it.

Murph had reluctantly agreed to join Emily and James on this outing. She knew being around the two lovebirds would make her feel like a third wheel. However, it was better than sitting around the apartment moping. If only that prick James wasn’t around she ruefully thought. Then they might actually be able to have some fun. As fond as she was of her childhood friend, she really did not care for Emily’s friends. And, no matter how many “subtle” hints Murph dropped, Emily kept trying to incorporate her into her clique.

“ I think she’s out here. She was near the garden exit last time I saw her. “

“ Emily, maybe we should leave Jessica alone for a while. We’ve been virtually dragging her through the gallery. She clearly is not enjoying it. Come on, we’ll text her when we are ready to go. “

“ The whole point of bringing her with us today is to keep her mind off of Dean. I don’t want to give Murph enough time to crawl off into a corner to mope. “

“ Sigh, why do you even bother with her? You two have nothing in common. “

“ Don’t be an ass James. “

Murph dropped the cigarette and ruthlessly ground it out. She’ll show that jerk. She is about to be very interested in colored circles, shoelaces, and bent clothes hangers.