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The last of the TTBT art, but not the last of the Urbies!

The last pilot collage from the recent TTBT Urbanmech video. Although, this won’t be the last of the Urbie art! I’ve got a few more reveals coming this week.

You can watch the vid here:

Speaking of more Urbie art! Urbie packs are coming together. I’ll be ordering the pack contents this week. Here’s the first sticker of a trio that will be in the box. You can probably guess what one of the others will be. But, the third sticker will be a surprise! Stay tuned for more reveals.

Onto the New Year.

With Christmas Day and the New TTBT Urbie vid behind us, it’s time to share some production art!

Here is the Christmas version of the lecture bunker. I now know why Thomas Kinkade liked painting snow scenes. And we have a visual nod to the Hunchback’s Hetzer skit.

More art soon!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! And for those who don’t celebrate, it’s still a special day!

Today is the day of the new Tex Talks Battletech Urbie video. ( Yes! It’s all new! ) Join us in a few short hours for the little trashcan’s Saturnalia!

And, yes, there will be Urbie packs in January! This one’s gonna have loads of stuff!