Number 7 takes the fall.

The last big piece of TTBT Charger art!

Number 7 decides to make one final DFA from this existence. Maybe it’ll be reincarnated as a Thug in the next life.

The redlines are a positioning guide for the editor to go by when animating.

With the Charger in the can it’s time to start working on the Hunchback!

Get ready to go Primitive!

CGL has released promo shots of the upcoming primitive mech box.

Yes, your eyes don’t deceive you! That is the TTBT Mackie! If you ever wanted a mini of it, there you go. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. That’s the mech that changed my life.

You might notice that they used my Proliferation Cycle book cover for the background:

I also redesigned the Battleaxe. I would have rather taken a shot at remaking the Hammerhands. But, I’m happy to make my mark on the Warhammer’s ancestry.

Hope y’all like it.