Patreon update for July 30th, 2018

Now, with the preamble out of the way, we can start exploring the world of Astray3 in more detail.

Yes, dear readers, there is a Patreon set up to support the comic at Over the last chapter(s) I have been steadily adding design work and exclusive material for patrons. Also, I’ve been including notes and observations with each comic update. ( These annotated pages are available to non-patrons after three days. ) At the time, however, due to the intended mysterious nature of the material, I couldn’t really expand on the story. So, I wasn’t pushing the service very hard. But, since we have entered the world proper, I can elaborate on the setting and offer nuggets of information on how it operates.

Going forward, you will find Patreon updates posted here in the blog roll section. These will list what has been added and briefly describe the contents. Usually, the subject will coincide with what appears in the comic and won’t spoil any upcoming surprises.

There are more planned perks for patrons. ( Yay, alliteration! ) I will be unveiling those as the chapter three kick off month progresses.

Thank you for supporting and reading Astray3!


P.S. You can follow Astray3 on multiple social media platforms. Help spread the word or just follow to keep updated. ( I even post non-comic related artwork on them. )


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