The Not-so-Flatwoods Monster girl.

The second Monster girl for October 2023. This time we are going to Braxton County in West Virginia to search for the the Flatwoods monster. There will be one more Monster Girl for October…then maybe some catgirls.

Special thanks to @afewbruises for reminding me of thumbing through my dad’s greasy copy of Mysteries of the Unknown he kept in his Autoshop back in the day. Flatwoods was a highlight.

Check out her video here:

October Monster girl madness has begun!

It’s October! As per the custom, it’s time to draw some monster girls for Halloween.
I’m starting out with exercising an old disappointment. If I can’t get decent sexy Cthulu girl dice…I’ll just make my own sexy Cthulu girl art.

Also, if you are in the market, the previous year’s Monster Girl sticker bundle is still in the shop. You can get them at a discount until the end of October. I’ll split them up at the end of the month.