Eldoniousrex at GenCon 2022

Hello everyone,

Short notice! I’ll be at GenCon 2022 selling and signing prints at the Catalyst Game Labs booth. I even got some new prints that will be on sale! Yes, that includes new 11″x17″ prints. Anthony Scroggins, AKA Shimmering Sword, will be sitting there too….to completely overshadow me.

Times are:

Friday, August 5th 10am to 11am

Saturday, August 6th 12pm to ???

The 8.5″x 11″ prints will be available soon after I return from the show. The 11″x17″ prints will need some special boxes. So, they might not be ready for a while.

If you’re at the show, please stop by to say hi!

Don’t Overheat!

Time for a coolant flush!

Hello Everyone,

Is the heat of hot mech combat getting to you? Why not stop for a refreshing Ghost Bear Coolant Flush. Try our new Bondsman berry flavor!

A new Battletech pin-up girl is here! The design is available on T-public now. Stickers and magnets will be coming in a few weeks.

Link here: