Warhammer in the shop!

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Today we have the maintenance bay scene from TTBT episode 14. Is this inside a dropship? I think it was the intended setting at the time. Honestly, the mechanics and dimensions of even a Union class dropship have been puzzling to me. Games tend to treat them as a magic box mechs charge in and out of. I have a hard time conceiving of enough space inside to store mechs/parts, maintain, and host the army of support crew needed to run everything. The Argo, from HBS Battletech, makes a lot more sense as a mothership out of which the merc crew operates; using the Leopard purely as transport for missions. ( Let’s not talk about how at the beginning of the game the entire merc crew operates a 6 mech team out of the Leopard alone. )

But, that’s just part of the setting’s Kayfabe we shouldn’t question.

For this piece, I used the MWO Warhammer design. This is probably my favorite of the modern redesigned mechs. But, boy howdy, it has so many random panels jutting from that chest. It makes it very hard to draw without having a detailed 3D model on hand for reference. The great thing about working with CGL is that they will send me their print models for a job. I can throw those into Blender to get a clear view of how they are assembled. I don’t have that luxury when working off of MWO designs. I have to just grab pictures from the internet and try my best. The MWO Hunchback’s torso has driven me to madness several times. 

And do you think I’m doing a decent job illustrating mech internals? Do they look somewhat feasible for a giant robot? I seem to be asked to do stuff like this a lot lately. So, I assume I’m doing an adequate job of it. 

More art soon!

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Tex Talks Battletech episode 14 is here!

Hello all,

The new episode of Tex Talks Battletech is upon us! This time we have an extensive discussion on arms production efficacy and the venerable Warhammer. It’s a doozy of an episode!

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YsiYNJFyQQ&t=6724s&ab_channel=BlackPantsLegion

Warhammer packs are in development. There are still a few things to wrap up and items to order. You’ll see it, along with a bevy of new items, post on the webshop within the next several. Keep an eye on the blog for when they’re ready.
Shop link here: www.astray3.bigcartel.com

Plenty of art to come!


Eldoniousrex Tee Public shop is now open!

Hello all,

I’ve opened up a Tee Public shop to cover some of the older designs. If you missed out on previous t-shirt runs, now’s your chance to snag one. There are even a few I never got around to releasing.

Here’s the link:


I’ll still be handling premium shirt runs myself. Look for a new Warhammer shirt pre-order soon.



Hercules reborn!

Hercules casually strolling through a Roger Dean album cover.

Hello all,

Everything Battletech recently commissioned me to redesign the venerable Hercules battlemech. Admittedly, it looks like the lovechild of a Cataphract and Blackjack.
You can find a higher resolution version of the image on EBT’s Patreon or Discord.

Here’s a link to their main page: https://www.everythingbattletech.com/



April Fools! Pseudotech: Arcade Operations

Slap em’, whack em’, mecha!

Hello folks,

Catalyst Games Lab graced us with a very cool April Fools “joke” today. A book full of zany rules to spice up your casual Battletech games.

Yours truly created the cover last year. I thought it might have gotten lost in time. But, it’s nice to see Catalyst putting it to good use.

Get your copy here:


Another “Bad” mech article! The Hornet!

It looks like a soybean cosplaying as The Rocketeer

Once again I had the honor of creating an illustration for a new “bad” mech article on Sarna.net. This time it’s the mediocre ovoid known as the Hornet light mech. Dr. Robotnik was Sean’s idea and I couldn’t pass up the chance to draw a classic Sonic villain.

Read the article here: