9 thoughts on “Astray3 Chapter 3: Gain Pg22

  1. So I’m guessing she’ll never find her glasses and is going to Mr. Magoo her way across alien worlds and transdimensional landscapes without ever quite knowing where she is. It’s a bold new take, but I like it! 😉

    • Depending on how much it’s like the original run she might meet some nice Ocellogs who could will make her some new glasses… Or maybe not since Fuungahi and the mobile raiding city seem to be naritively merged to some extent in this version.

        • Correct. Her eyesight didn’t factor much into the previous version. It made her glasses seem more like a fashion accessory than an actual necessity. This time around she is near sighted. I wouldn’t call her vision completely terrible, but there is a discernible difference without contacts or glasses.

          • Was she farsighted last time? I was digging through the old comic looking for the bit where the Oyoyogs gave her glasses to make sure I wasn’t crazy and she mentioned that they were reading glasses.

  2. I was a bit rusty but it’s coming back to me now… “abomination”, why rude! Also, I assume in the original “hare brained” stands in for some other dumb brained critter…. 🙂

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