4 thoughts on “Astray3 Chapter 1: Static Pg29

  1. “Oh Shit, Shit SHIT!”

    That is exactly what a real character says when a WTF like that thing happens and they’re directly being impacted by it.

    If Murph is only just asking “what the hell is that?” now, I’m wondering if it’s delayed reaction and shock… or if there can truly be something more profound than the WTF we’ve just seen to have her ask that question… a OMGWFTBBQ?

    Probably about this time they both start questioning if they’re high as kites… Maybe the international space station would be closer to their altititude…

    • Murph is probably an old hand at dealing with bad trips.
      Also, made a slight adjustment to the page. Noticed I left out a question mark on the “What the hell is that!?” balloon.

  2. Hello sir, Happy New Year 2018.
    How about this idea for your Patreon?
    Sell stuff from Astray2 and Astray1. No, not stuff, or not only stuff, but something like “If we reach such and such sum of $, we’ll publish such number of pages from Astray2”.
    Of course, this is only a suggestion : )

    • There are print plans in the works. We are probably a year out from an official first book though. ( Thinking about kickstarter for that project. ) As for publishing old Astray3 material and for intricate Patreon perks, that depends on time constraints. Right now my free time is booked working on the current strip. I can do a little thing here and there, but nothing too time consuming. Maybe if A3 really takes off on Patreon I’ll see about doing a special Astray3 version one edition book.

      Oh, and a happy 2018 to you too.

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